Become a 3D Franchise

Offering a unique proposition for a non-invasive alternative to aesthetic and medical surgeries as well as therapeutic wellness treatments like massage therapy, reflexology, chiropractic and acupuncture. Being the first of a kind subscription model in the medi-spa and the wellness clinic industry, 3D Lifestyle has taken the spotlight in the hearts of Canadians.

Why Choose Us ?

The healthcare industry is the fastest growing industry in Canada. 3D Lifestyle is
taking the lead in unconventional and unique methods for medical aesthetics and
therapeutic wellness in healthcare.

We prioritize our customers/We are a customer-focused company

Our subscription model turns our one-time customers into recurring ones because:

  • They get a 70% discount on all medical aesthetic treatments and 40% on therapeutic wellness treatments which are usually covered by their extended healthcare plan.
  • Convenience for our clients. They can easily book themselves by single click or tap using our app; we are open 66 hours a week, offering online/in-app boking and same-day appointments.
  • Prioritizing the health and beauty of our clients, 3D Lifestyle has proven to help our members transform and reintroduce themselves without any pain or injury.

Proven for

  • Low investment and start-up costs
  • Recurring revenue and quick ROI
  • Opportunity for multi-clinic ownership
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Business Plan

  • A straightforward business model
  • Accessible to people of all incomes
  • Celebrity Endorsement & Influencer Marketing