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Franchise Opportunity

3D Lifestyle offers the most advanced aesthetic treatments (and now registered massage
therapy/therapeutic wellness treatments) at a fraction of the price compared to traditional Medi-Spas
& Therapeutic Clinics. Here’s why 3D Lifestyle is taking a place in the hearts of Canadians…

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Why 3D lifestyle?

Massage from our Founder

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Joe Qureshi, Founder & CEO

“3D lifestyle is Canada’s leading Medical Aesthetics brand with its clinics being a gateway to 100+ non-Surgical treatments including medical-grade facials. Further, we’ve just introduced Therapeutic Wellness treatments in our clinics including massage therapy, reflexology, acupuncture and chiropractic care. These are offered through our unique Mobile App using a first-of-its-kind membership model. This allows us to offer the most advanced treatments at the most affordable prices where members save big on medical aesthetic treatments and up to 40% on therapeutic wellness treatments by retaining their FULL membership fee as a credit balance within the App. It doesn’t matter if someone is waiting tables at a restaurant or is climbing the corporate ladder; when it comes to aesthetics and wellness, we are for the masses, not the classes. Without compromising on the quality of treatment and by having certified professionals on board, our two kinds of membership plans, $69/month & $99/month are extremely affordable and allows our clients to enjoy their anti-aging, self-care, and wellness journey for the rest of their lives.”

Brand Brochure: 3D Treatments & Technologies

Medical Aesthetics Treatment Devices

Therapeutic Wellness Portfolio

Learn More: About Our 100+ Treatments:

3D Lifestyle Aesthetics and Wellness Centre Coming Soon Near You:

​ Downtown Toronto: 5 Clarence Square, Toronto – Grand Opening Sept 2022

​ Bloor West Village: 2100 Bloor Street, Toronto Opening Nov 2022

​ Vancouver: Point Gray West, Vancouver, British Columbia – Opening 2022

​ Oshawa: Coming Soon by November 2022

​​ Mississauga: Coming Soon in Early 2023

​ Brampton: Coming Soon Early 2023

​ Grimsby/Stoney Creek: Coming Soon March 2023

​ Calgary: Coming Soon Early 2023

​ Pickering – Available

​ Ajax – Available

​ Scarborough – Available

​ St-Catharines/Niagara Falls – Available

 ​Kingston – Available

 ​Windsor – Available

 London – Available

 Kingsway South – Available

 Alderwood – Available

 Long Branch – Available

 Ward 3 – Available

Also Opening In British Columbia, Alberta, And Quebec..


1) 3D lifestyle Aesthetic & Wellness Centre – New Build

Develop a new location and be your own boss, running a proven spa model in your neighbourhood. By leveraging our expertise and proprietary tools, you will have access to a full development team and support every step of the way.

Site Requirements: 1200-3000 square feet

Estimated Development Costs: $200,000-$475,000 

2) 3D lifestyle Aesthetics & Wellness Centre – Partner Spa

Convert or expand your current location to a 3D lifestyle Aesthetics and Wellness Centre and expand your offerings by leveraging our technology, network and professional services.
This business model is most suitable for the business owner who already has a Spa/Salon.

Site Requirements: Vary – minimum 4 treatment rooms

Estimated Development Costs: Starting at $75,000

Associated With 3D: Public Figures &

Real stories: Reviews & Testimonials

Hygiene Protocol: Health & Safety Is
Our #1 Priority