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Medical Aesthetices  >  Medical Grade Facials  >  Esthemax Face Jelly - Customized Facial Adults

  • Esthemax Face Jelly - Customized Facial Adults

  • Esthmax face jellies are customized as per customers’ preference to achieve optimum and promising results. From wrinkles to skin vitality, there is a face mask for every skin concern. These masks are made without parabens, sulfates and phthalates.


    • Reduces inflammation
    • Promotes skin toning
    • Exfoliates and cleanses the skin

    How does it work?

    The esthmax jelly mask provides many benefits to the skin. It hydrates and moisturizes the skin. The treatment is completely natural so no need to worry about any chemical reactions!

    How does it affect the skin?

    The face jelly promotes healthy skin and keeps the skin from clogged pores. The masks are natural and do wonders for the skin.

    Why choose the Esthmax face jelly?

    The esthmax face jellies are:

    • Animal friendly
    • Eco friendly
    • Uses organic ingredients
    • Uses biodegradable packaging


    The esthmax face jelly uses electrolytes that are found naturally to hydrate the skin. Coconut’s natural isotopic fluid contains the same amount of electrolytes as human blood, making it desirable for healthier skin. 

    Esthmax face jellies contain significantly more alginate than standard rubber masks. That’s why the texture of these masks is similar to jelly, providing extra hydration as well as instant cool and soothing effects to the skin all at the same time.

    The mask draws hydration and nourishing ingredients deep into the skin from the mask as well as previously applied skincare ingredients still on the skin, forming a soft, vacuum-like seal over the skin.

    Lack of water/hydration in the skin is an indication of less inter-cellular contact, which reduces the efficiency of all cellular processes. Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a hydrating substance that allows hydrogen bonds to form and attracts water to maintain the skin’s moisture balance.

    The Esthmax face jelly is suitable for all skin types. 

    Not sure which treatment
    to choose?

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