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Medical Aesthetices  >  Laser Hair Removals  >  Brazilian Hair Removal

  • Brazilian Hair Removal

  • Razors are out, Laser is in!

    Brazilian Laser Hair Removal is a procedure that eliminates all or almost all pubic hair. In comparison to waxing or shaving, Brazilian hair removal is a more permanent hair removal procedure. The laser is directed at hair follicles, where it releases light energy that inhibits hair growth. Brazilian Laser Hair Removal allows you to get smooth, clean skin with the least amount of effort possible.


    • Reduced chances of ingrown hair
    • Cheaper than waxing
    • Permanent solution to unwanted hair
    • Safe and highly effective

    Good For:

    • Unwanted Hair

    We use the Soprano ICE at 3D Lifestyle to target thick, coarse hair and destroy it, preventing regrowth. Brazilian hair removal involves laser pulses fired from the device to target the hair while keeping the surrounding skin intact.

    “Laser hair removal” means exactly what it sounds like. A high-tech laser is shot onto your skin, focusing on hair follicles just beneath the skin’s surface. The laser’s light energy is absorbed by the hair follicle, destroying it and leaving it unable to regenerate hair.


    Procedure Time
    30 min
    Sensitivity Period
    24-48 Hours
    Visible Results
    4-6 sessions
    Rec. No. of Sessions
    8-10 sessions


    Because laser hair removal is less painful than waxing and shaving, it is a popular choice among many people. Each pulse causes a tingling sensation that lasts less than a second. Insensitive areas may feel like a rubber band snapping on the skin.

    There is no downtime with laser hair removal. Minor side effects such as bruising, swelling, and redness, normally go away within 48-72 hours.

    Laser hair removal is generally painless and safe. It is essential that the operation is carried out by a licensed specialist.

    It depends on your hair and skin type, as well as the region being treated. Because each area of your body has its own hair development cycle, the degree of hair loss will vary depending on the stage of your follicles at the time of treatment.

    You’ll most likely notice a difference right away. The outcomes differ from one patient to the next. This is defined by the type of laser utilized, the region treated, the individual’s skin tone, and the thickness and color of their hair.

    Real Stories

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