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Medical Aesthetices  >  Face & Body Contouring  >  Belly Fat

  • Belly Fat

  • Remove the fat and get a belly that's flat!

    Fat cells in the stomach area have a larger concentration of alpha receptors, making them more difficult to remove. In order to lose weight, it is common to observe improvements in the face, arms, and chest before the belly fat is eliminated.

    Using a combination of the latest belly fat removal treatments, such as ultrasonic cavitation, 3D Bodysculpt (electromagnetic therapy), and targeted ultrasound, which targets and melts fat cells while also stimulating the development of collage, we can achieve fat reduction.

    EM-contouring is a minimally invasive fat reduction procedure that utilizes ultrasound technology to target specific areas of the body. Additionally, it requires little recuperation time and is painless, frequently requiring less than an hour.


    • Comfortable and easy way to achieve the desired body shape.
    • Highly effective and painless.
    • Non-Invasive treatment.

    Good For:

    • Body Contouring
    • Fat reduction
    • Muscle toning
    • Sagging skin

    In EM-contouring the targeted area is treated using an ultrasound instrument similar to that used during prenatal scans, as well as a specially formulated cream. This gadget sends focused ultrasonic energy that specifically targets and destroys subcutaneous fat cells through the fat cell membrane. The fat is then recycled into proteins and glycerol by neighboring cells.

    Non-invasive electromagnetic EM  technology, or 3D Bodysculpt, is the first technique intended to assist both men and women grow muscle while also burning fat at the same time.  During this laser fat removal treatment, the targeted body area is toned and firmed, resulting in dramatic improvements in appearance.

    Bodysculpt technology, for example, is one of the first non surgical fat removal from stomach procedures to provide noticeable results in a period of 4-6 treatments.


    Procedure Time
    1 Hour 30min
    Sensitivity Period
    12-24 Hours
    Visible Results
    4-6 Sessions
    Rec. No. of Sessions


    At the very least, six EM-contouring sessions are recommended. To ensure that the cells do not reabsorb the fat, treatments must be spaced at least 72 hours apart.

    The service is tailored to the customer’s needs. Treatments typically a session of laser fat removal last 45 minutes to 75 minutes on average, depending on the patient’s needs.

    You may feel a slight heat sensation or tingling, but otherwise, the treatment is painless.

    Yes, Body cavitation is safe since it is FDA approved!

    Not sure which treatment
    to choose?

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