Opening 3D Lifestyle; A road to success

Consumers have become used to subscribing to services like Amazon Prime, Netflix and Dollar Shave Club, as a way of obtaining substantial savings while accessing a more convenient, higher-quality service. Consumers can now benefit from similar disruption in the medical aesthetic and therapeutic wellness industries.

Our business offers a unique and one of a kind subscription model:

Low investment and start-up costs

Recurring revenue and quick ROI

Opportunity for multi-clinic ownership

Straightforward business model

3D Support

  • Many aesthetic and wellness treatments have become out-of-reach for regular people, who routinely miss out on treatments which not only help them with wellness and rehabilitation, but also allow them to look and feel their best. By re-inventing the standard pricing model in these industries, we are democratizing access to high-quality procedures and the most advanced technologies all under one roof.
  • A disruptive new in-app membership model and unprecedented pricing allows patients to unlock up to 70% savings on their medical aesthetic sessions and 40% on therapeutic wellness treatments.

The ever growing industry:
medical aesthetics and massage therapy

Involving high-technology services with the ever changing beauty trends, medical aesthetic, the fusion between health and beauty plays a significant role in the field of cosmetics. More and more people are leaning towards medical aesthetics to achieve their desired skin and looks, making it a field of constant growth and opportunities.

Relaxing is important after a long, hectic week. More and more companies have considered massage therapy a health benefit, leading to a rapid increase in the field.

What Our Current
Medical Professionals Are Saying

Georgia Zourntos

“I fell in love with the field of medical aesthetics because I love the artistic nature of restoring confidence in individuals through various proven techniques and treatments which I have learned throughout my education and training. I am very excited about being a part of the 3D Lifestyle aesthetics team and providing high quality services to our clients. I get tremendous satisfaction in applying all of my skills, talent and my passion for this field to clients in need of services related to medical aesthetics, ensuring that they receive the best possible treatment geared toward their specific needs.”

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Dr. Amalia Rositawi

“At the end of the day, what I want to see is that all of your needs and concerns for enhancing or maintaining a certain look have been met, all while maintaining a natural look. I believe that regular skin care is the first step toward perfection.In addition to that, 3D Lifestyle provides cutting edge technologies to deliver the absolute best possible result for your satisfaction. Everyone deserves to look and feel at their best, and I have the knowledge, eye and skilled hand to make that happen for each of my clients. I look forward to creating a plan with you to achieve your healthy skin goals.”